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During the hiring process, candidates will spend a lot of time preparing for the interview and the cover letters they will send out. They will also be thinking about how they will handle the various aspects of the interview and the potential mistakes they could make that could negatively affect their chances of landing a job. We all have the same fears about slipping up or oversharing something that could negatively affect our chances of landing a new job.

Many factors go into making a hiring mistake, and the people on both sides of the table can help prevent them from happening in the future. We spoke with several HR professionals and recruiters to understand how organizations and individuals can make mistakes in the hiring process.

Vague Job Descriptions

Your job descriptions should be updated to attract suitable candidates, and they should be current and accurate to ensure that they can catch potential employees’ attention. Besides writing your expectations, you should also include a variety of other factors that will help the candidate choose your company. These include the expectations of the candidate, the duties, and the soft and hard skills that the candidate should have.

Too Specific

Then there’s the opposite problem – getting too specific. If you see the same people apply for the same job over and over again – it’s time to start broadening the pool of potential employees. While some positions may require local candidates, most do not. A wider range of candidates can help you attract and retain a diverse talent pool. It can also help you diversify the staff by allowing you to have various skills and perspectives.

Today, candidates are not searching the local newspaper for jobs. Instead, they are using various online platforms to apply for their jobs. A resume feed system is one of the most effective ways to attract suitable candidates. This can help you expand your options when it comes to hiring. It can help you reach out to a broader pool of potential employees and increase the number of people who apply for your position.

Avoiding Technology

There’s a better way to approach the hiring process. When screening candidates, sifting through their resumes is like going back in time. A sound applicant tracking system can help you attract the ideal candidates by driving traffic to your website and then screening them immediately. Instead of going through a briefcase full of resumes, you can schedule in-person interviews and get the job done. Not only is it more cost-effective, but it’s also easier to use.